07.02.2020 Yoga Workshop – Ayurveda Yoga, Understanding and movement of your body

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Ayurveda Yoga ~ Understanding and movement of your body – Yoga Workshop cu Mukesh Kothari – Vineri, 7 Februarie 2020

Vineri, 7 Februarie | Ora 18:30 | Sala 1

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Ayurveda is an integral part of Indian lifestyle for maintaining health and peace of mind. It exists since the last thousands of year in the Indian healing system. Ayurveda differs from conventional medicine, as it focuses more on an understanding of one’s own body and mind; and then design the lifestyle on those principles. These principles of Ayurveda have applied to yoga practice also to make practice holistic and effective.
The human body is made of 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In simple words, Doshas implies to body constitution, and it has a profound impact on our thinking and emotions. The balanced state of doshas is required to achieve total health, according to Ayurveda.
In this workshop, we will take a quick overview of your body type, followed by dosha balancing practice and lifestyle guidelines.
This workshop will contain:
1. Understanding the ayurvedic elements of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and its mechanism.
2. Understanding the relationship between Vata and movements of postures.
3. Helps to reduce stress, emotional conflicts, and promotes sound sleep.
4. An hour of gentle Ayurveda yoga practice.
What will you learn?
To stay calm and peaceful by bringing right and balance the movement of Vata in your body.
This workshop, guided by Mukesh Kothari, will open the door to yourself, will help you look inside you without any fears.
All levels are welcome. New to yoga or practitioners, everybody can join this wonderful workshop on ayurveda yoga.